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Laser Alignment

What is Laser Alignment?

Besides performing regular overhaul and lubrication, ensuring that rotating machinery asset is aligned properly constitutes to it running smoothly and prolonging its operational life. Laser alignment, such as shaft alignment and belt alignment, are the most important forms of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

One of the most prominent issues causing vibration in rotating machinery is misalignment. The misalignment of shafts or belts on rotating machinery will also significantly increase the chances of expensive and unexpected downtime occurring. Some of the other negative impacts of misalignment are: the production of low-grade products, increased machinery overhaul spendings, and wasted productions.

There are three types of misalignment:

  1. Parallel (or offset) misalignment – Rotating shafts are parallel but not in the same line.
  2. Angular misalignment – occurs when the motor is set at an angle to the driven equipment.
  3. A combination of both misalignments – When parallel and angular misalignment both occurs in the rotating shaft.

Vibro Technologies proudly partners with Easy-Laser for all of our laser alignment services.

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