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Motion Amplification

This camera is being touted as the “Sensor Of The Future”. Or rather, to put it more specifically…..”Vibration Sensor Of The Future”.

Many are used to the concept of a vibration sensor as being a tiny device attached onto a machinery asset ( For both wired and wireless ). But few would expect a sensor to be in a form of a camera lens.

Introducing the Iris M camera system powered by Motion Amplification®.

The Iris M camera takes the concept of vibration measurement to a whole new level. Developed by RDI Technologies, the Iris M camera together with Motion Amplification, magnifies vibration movements within a machinery that is usually invisible to the naked eye.

The general process of vibration measuring taking using this system is pretty straightforward.

The on-site personnel sets up the camera within a comfortable distance away from the targeted machinery. The vibration measurement recording is then taken with a click of the camera button. ( Recording takes only about 3 – 5 seconds ). This is also known as data acquisition.

Once the video recording is taken, the motion amplification technology nested within the software will process and magnify any vibration movements experienced by the machinery. It will then render as an MP4 video file for subsequent vibration analysis purposes.

The traditional route of vibration measurements on an asset usually takes half a day to complete. It involves the on-site personnel taking position near to the asset, and then manually collect the vibration data via the different points of the equipment.  Not forgetting the hazardous risk associated with being near to a machinery during this process.

The collected vibration data is then sent for analysis purposes, which takes up another significant chunk of time.

Thanks to Iris M and Motion Amplification®, all these tedious steps can now be circumvented. With just a click of a button, vibration measurement for root cause analysis can now be taken from a safe distance, more efficiently and accurately.

All the above will translate to site profitability!

Some of the assets that Iris M system can be used on are: rotating machinery, process lines, mechanical seals and structural components etc.

To understand in-depth about this system, get in touch with our friendly consultant to have an understanding of how your plant can benefit from this technology!