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Motion Amplification



With the Iris CM, Motion Amplification® is no longer just a point in time troubleshooting tool. It is a flexible and scalable solution that continuously monitors your equipment while you are away.


The Iris CM from RDI Technologies is the latest innovation in video-based asset condition monitoring.

This tool connects traditional vibration inputs and RDI’s patented video-based vibration measurements to ensure you never miss anything in your facility. An infinite number of cameras can be networked to capture simultaneous data and offer multiple views of a process, test, or piece of machinery.

Each camera can store up to 90 minutes of HD data per camera. Users can trigger video and data recordings based on external inputs, virtual camera-based regions of interest, and thresholds for movement. The Iris CM features live Motion Amplification® and the ability to quantify vibration, amplitude, phase, and frequency for anything visible in the recorded video.

This product uniquely allows people to troubleshoot transient events and visualize your assets over longer periods of time like no tool has before. Unlike traditional continuous monitoring systems, the Iris CM does not have to be permanently mounted and does not have to touch any of your equipment.

With the Iris CM, you now have to ability to see what is happening on your equipment 24/7 even when you are away.

  • Live Motion Amplification®

Apply amplification before acquiring a recording. Scan assets instantly to see motion in real-time.

  • Event and Threshold Triggering

Trigger recordings based on physical inputs or virtual camera-based sensors. Store video pre and post trigger for analysis before and after events.

  • Continuous Monitoring

Once configured, Iris CM can continuously monitor your asset with live Motion Amplification®, trigger and store recordings, and provide all the data analysis of Motion Amplification® software but 24/7.

  • Scalable Solution

The Iris CM is a completely scalable solution that can be networked to utilize multiple cameras and simultaneously cover multiple assets.




Iris M

The first product of it’s kind, the Iris M uses RDI Technologies’ proprietary Motion Amplification® software to detect subtle movement and convert that movement to a level visible with the naked eye.



The Iris M™ has revolutionized the way companies monitor billions of dollars’ worth of plant machinery, process lines, structures, engineering design processes, and much more.

By turning every pixel in the camera into a displacement sensor, Iris M takes millions of measurements in a fraction of a second. And it does this with no physical contact to your machinery or equipment. For the first time ever, you will be able to instantly see, analyze, and communicate what is invisible to the naked eye and transition to action and root cause problem solving.

By visualizing every motion present in the scene, you can see where to take measurements and then instantly take them with a simple click of a button on the screen.

The Iris M offers overall troubleshooting and in-depth analysis all in one easy to use tool.


Motion Amplification® is a proprietary video processing technique that detects subtle displacement and then converts that movement to a level visible with the naked eye.


Iris M™ measures and quantifies mechanical or structural assets that a camera can see with the same accuracy as a contacting displacement sensor.


Iris M™ allows you to filter your data and visualize movement at specific frequencies to find the real source of a problem and help position your team to fix it.


Iris M™ enhances understanding of components and interrelationships creating movement and provides a communication tool for technical and non-technical resources.




The Iris MX from RDI Technologies expands upon its revolutionary Iris M™ product to open up the world of Motion Amplification® to high-speed applications.

With up to 1400 FPS in HD resolution, you can now apply Motion Amplification® and communicate virtually every displacement in the scene.


Leveraging a high-speed camera for frame rates over 10,000 fps, the Iris MX’s most unique capability is the ability to apply Motion Amplification® and show motions well over 5,000 Hz and produce an infinite amount of absolute measurements within the scene.

The Iris MX enables the user to see the fault by visualizing the motion of the entire machine, its structure and base, and surrounding environment to determine the root cause. This enables the users to quickly and comprehensively diagnose machinery in a simple and easy-to-understand video.

This video can be used to close the communication gap between technical and non-technical resources and empowers them to fix problems. The Iris MX is high-level analysis in its’ simplest form.

  • Motion Amplification®

See motion invisible to the naked eye in near real-time view.

  • Up to 1400 FPS in Full HD Resolution

Up to 29,000 fps at reduced resolution.

  • Calibrated Displacement Measurements

<0.01 mils (0.25 μm) at 3.3 ft (1m) with 50mm lens, 0.005 mils (0.125 μm) at close focus

  • Available as an Add On

The MX camera is an add on the Iris M basic system and must be purchase either as a combined unit or as an add on to an existing Iris M unit.