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Easy-Laser D130 BTA EX


Part No.: 12-0415/ 12-0400

For quick and easy alignment of sheaves and pulleys.

Easy-Laser D90 is installed in seconds, and the laser line that is projected on targets clearly shows how to adjust the machines. The tool has targets that can be read out and gives an excellent degree of accuracy sufficient for most users. If you wish to have the option of digital readouts with the corresponding advantages in the future, you can add a digital detector (see system D150 and D160).

D90 BTA is compact and light. Suitable for most types of drive, such as V-belt, timing belt, flat belt and chain drives.

Intrinsically safe products are used in a number of industries: Petrolchemical, Oil/gas, Refineries, Pharmaceutical, etc. Easy-Laser D130 BTA EX is approved in accordance to the latest ATEX directive and classified IECEx regulations.