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InnoVib II – Your Ultimate Wireless On-Line Solution

The InnoVib II and WiSysPro, is an advanced wireless vibration monitoring system.

InnoVib II collects vibration and temperature signals from the wireless sensor via ZigBee technology. It supports up to 60 wireless sensors. It transfers the data collected to the WiSysPro for analysis.

The WiSysPro, developed by Vibro Tech, is an intelligent vibration analysis software that analyses the data received from InnoVib II and provides detailed and accurate health information of any rotating machine and its associated components.


INNOVIB II Features:

  • Supports up to 60 wireless monitoring vibration sensors
  • The small size sensor and wireless technology make it possible to monitor critical assets in location where the traditional wired system is expensive or impractical to implement
  • Measure vibration and temperature round the clock for early detection of machinery fault


WISYS PRO Features:

  • Intelligent analysis tool, in time and frequency domains, provide you timely and accurate health information of your valuable machinery assets
  • Automatic email and/or SMS alert (optional) to inform your operation team members of potential mechanical problems to minimize downtime
  • User friendly UI makes the system configuration and operation settings easy for O&M staff
  • Report generation in word format makes report writing an easy task
  • Store data in common database such as SQL, Oracle, and Pgsql
  • Manage combination of Innovib I (wired) and Innovib II (wireless) data collectors simultaneously