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Thermographic Inspection

Thermographic Inspection

A commonly used process in predictive maintenance, thermographic inspection or also known as infrared testing is a procedure using a thermal imager to inspect heat that is emitting from the machinery motor, the heat will then be translated into a temperature distribution before generating it as images, also known as thermograms.

The thermogram will visualize any possible abnormal heat generated by the machinery asset because any rises in temperature will suggest defects within the machinery, such as abnormal bearing friction etc.

This way, not only can a site engineer swiftly identify potential problems in the motor of a machine, but it can also help to avoid expensive repairs and unexpected downtime by tackling the problem and solving it early on.

The benefits of implementing thermographic testing for performing predictive maintenance are that there is absolutely no need to come in contact with machinery, the visualized images are easy to read, the testing equipment is compact and versatile, no production process in the plant will be interrupted and it can obtain data from a wide surface of the machinery at one time.

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