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Ultrasonic Inspection

What is Ultrasonic Inspection?

Predict failures, Control energy costs, and Improve product quality!

Isn’t that what most plants wants?

But these largely depends on the reliability and the state of the machinery assets in a plant.

What if there is one such technology that let you get a heads-up on any first signs of change in your machinery, before it gets any worse?

What if this technology that can be used in virtually any environment, inexpensive and easy to use?

Introducing – Ultrasound Analysis.

Now, any first signs of change experienced by a machinery are indicated by the ultrasound frequencies it produces.

With ultrasound analysis, these sounds can now be visualized and viewed on a spectral analysis screen that displays the time wave form.

The ability to detect airborne and structure-borne ultrasounds normally inaudible to the human ear, generated from machinery assets, has given on-site engineers tremendous amount of advantages, when it comes to condition monitoring for equipment.

As a plant engineer and/or site management, imagine the amount of leeway you have to plan for possible downtime in advanced!

Want to know more information on how ultrasound technology can benefit your plant? Every site faces their own unique circumstances and has different requirements.

Allow our friendly consultant to explain more and understand your plant needs!

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