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Vibration Analysis

What is vibration analysis?

Every machinery asset and its components will possess a certain amount of vibration. But how healthy the asset is will depend on the levels of vibration. The process of acquiring that vibration information within the machine and analyzing it to determine it’s overall health and developing faults is called vibration analysis.

Here is how vibration analysis basically works:  An accelerometer ( for measuring vibration ) will be installed and attached to the machine, which then measures the levels of vibration because whenever a machine is operating, there will certainly be vibration due to the motion generated.

All vibration data will then be transmitted to a data collector aka vibration analysis software, the data will then be organized by the software. Finally, the organized information will be studied and interpret by a vibration analyst to ascertain the state of the machine health. Issues such as unbalance, misalignment, looseness within a machine may be detected, these can provide timely warnings of impending critical failure that may be about to happen to the asset. Subsequent appropriate courses of action required to rectify the issue/s can then be determined and recommended to the plant management.

Failure to perform vibration analysis properly may result in unexpected critical failure, which will in turn incur commercial losses and excessive-high maintenance costs for the plant.

Vibration analysis = Giving a heads-up about possible faults occurring within machinery and allows for taking actions before it causes major critical failure.

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