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Vibro Training Center

Vibro Technologies offers a comprehensive range of vibration analysis training courses. Each level of our courses is specially designed and put together with the sole purpose of properly equipping an individual with the necessary skills required to become a certified vibration analyst. (Or upgrading their existing vibration knowledge and skillsets allowing them to be more competitive in their industries)

All of our vibration courses will enable trainees to gain a level by level in-depth understanding of vibration theories and it’s practical applications, and at the same time boosting their knowledge of machinery assets.

Besides learning about the theory and practical aspects of vibration analysis, our training course also features various real-life case studies history, in-class demonstration, and mini-workshops. These are included with an aim to provide the trainees with a better perspective and understanding of the various ways to analyze different types of machinery vibrations.

Our training center is located at Ubi Techpark in Singapore. Vibro Technologies is working in conjunction with Vibration Institute USA for our training programs, and hence all of our vibration courses are internationally certified. (With the exception of introductory course)

Click below for course training details. For any additional information or register for the course, do not hesitate to call the course coordinator at +65-6749-2426 or email [email protected]

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